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Max Novikov

Entrepreneur. Passionate about tech & innovation. Avid photographer. Investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs, IPO, pre-IPO & crypto. Founded most honest ICO. Visited 36 countries from Italy to Norway & Qatar to USA. Formerly Product manager, full-stack and mobile developer. More

Created mobile applications since 2014

Replicant AI
Replicant AI just launched
Best-in-class ML models for creating art and text in one app. Get started by simply writing your idea and get stunning results straightaway.
Capital App 3 452 users
Financial Manager. Connect bank accounts, brokerage accounts, add information about real estate, cars and keep track of your assets in one application.
MyShows 10 452 users
TV Show Manager: Make a list of TV shows, rate episodes and get recommendations, mark episodes watched, get notifications about new episodes, see statistics, get a rating of TV shows.

Photographing since 2010

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2016

Торговый бот для Poloniex

Trading bot for Poloniex

Trades on any pairs. Shows a yield of 7.3% in dollars on BTC / USDT. I accept applications for participation in testing the system.

Криптовалютный Telegram-бот

Cryptocurrency Telegram bot

Tracks transactions on the bitcoin network at a specific address. Finds out the balance of the address. Keeps track of your Poloniex account balance. Sends cryptocurrency rates, capitalization and other indicators.

Криптовалютный Telegram-бот

Rebalancing cryptocurrencies

Analyzes the effectiveness of a cryptocurrency portfolio for a year when rebalancing in a certain period. The program is available to everyone.