API for Telegram channels and chats

Telegram is an open source messenger on which developers can create their products and services. To create a bot, you need to use Telegram Bot API or a bot builder, which will significantly reduce resources, but will be limited in terms of functionality.

Telegram also has an open client API, on the basis of which developers can create their own mobile applications, web services, and any other solutions for using the platform. Based on this API, you can get information about channels, chats, bots, users; channel posts and chats.

To use this API, you need to rent a dedicated or full-fledged server, install one of the libraries based on the Telegram client API, and configure your API to receive information from the platform. If you have technical skills and are ready to install everything yourself, then the cost of such a solution will cost $5-10 to rent a server.

For those who are not ready to bother with this, I made a service that allows you to receive real-time information about channels, chats, bots and all posts from these entities. At the basic rate, the service allows you to make 1000 requests per month. There are tariffs of $1, $5, $10 (unlimited), which is comparable to the cost of renting your own server, but without the need to set it all up.

If you want to use the solution, go to link, register and use this solution. Contact – [email protected]


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